About Us

About IPM

The Institute of People Management is the umbrella body for Human Resources Practitioners in Swaziland. The Institute of People Management (IPM) Swaziland is an official organ representing human resource professionals in Swaziland. It was established in the 1960’s as Swaziland Association of Training Officers (SATO). In the mid 1970’s it was reviewed to include Personnel Managers and the title changed to Swaziland Institute of Personnel and Training Managers (SPTIM), it became later known as Institute of Personnel Management in the 1980’s and the current name changed in 2012 to adapt to the latest dynamics in people leadership in the workplace. The core function is being a centre for building capacity and providing thought leadership on sustainable human capital development and other services


  1. Promote the development of Human Resources Practitioners
  2. Promote and encourage managerial, commercial, industrial and technical training
  3. Spread knowledge and sound principles and practices in Human Resources Management
  4. Foster a sense of duty in human resource matters in the Public, Private and Non-Governmental Sectors
  5. Establish appropriate professional standards in the Human Resource functions
  6. Conduct or support training courses, workshops, conferences and seminars for the development of skills  and professional standards for its members
  7. Liaise with industry, commerce, appropriate Government Ministries, Training Institutions, and other organizations involved in the development of training policies and practices
  8. Liaise with Industry, Commerce, appropriate Government Ministries, Training Institutions, and other organisations involved in the development of training policies and practices

Our Vision

Leadership in human capital-driven growth towards sustainable development

Our Mission

An organization dedicated to the Human Resource profession committed to the management and development of human potential by its values through providing effective leadership and access to appropriate knowledge, information and the opportunity to network

What Makes us Special(Core Values)

               Dynamism – We embrace dynamism as a vehicle for   enriching the body of knowledge

               Diversity –  We practice mutual respect for qualities &   experiences that are different from our own

               Professionalism –  We are ethical and deliver high quality,   best practice services

               Integrity –    We are true to purpose and can be   rusted in our dealings

              Accountability –  Our dealings are governed by transparency   and responsibility in line with our promise

             Innovation –   We proactively identify new opportunities   for continuous improvement